Saturday, January 24, 2015

I can't win

I love this song so much. Never gets old. It's one of those rock songs where everything is perfect- the drums, the guitar work, the bass, the vocal harmonies... uGH. And everything just brings out the fEELS.

Finally got my straplocks last Tuesday!!! Heheheh. They've worked fine so far even though I didn't use a drill and just inserted the screws in. Read some really good reviews on Jim Dunlop's straplok retainers, so... let's hope all goes well! 

The hand is the salesguy's hand btw. I asked if I could take a picture of it cause I wanted to double check that it was gonna work for my guitar. Thought he would put it down, but he held it out for me hahaha


First band meet of the year tuesday night! We played Teenagers by MCR hellYER it was damn fun until they decided to transpose it...... I suck at transposing wehhhhh

And Hv was in a mood and started taking pictures of us haha. Everyone was camera shy so I pretended to be camera shy as well...... #toughlife

Was stalking my facebook and found this gem from 2010 HAHAHA omg I think what's amazing is: number one, we look exactly the same, and number two, I can still imagine us doing all the dumb things we did during our staycation in MBS if we were there right now.
some things never change :')

Thursday morning: Bought my bread from 7-11, ate it and THEN checked the expiry date... don't worry I'm ok guys. A little traumatized, but still ok
#horrible7-11 #boycott7-11 #jk #imstillgonnabuymybreadtherenextweek #butwillchecktheexpirydate

I look terrible here but nvm. Lumster came down to NUS from Pulau NTU on thursday to meet me!! :) Gave her a mini tour around. I think we did A LOT of walking hahaha

Stayed to catch this! The turnout was terrible haha. Probably not enough publicity. Only stayed for the first band, JJ and the Paper Planes, and they were damn good, holy crap. Lead singer can SING. High notes were crazy. 


I love UTown at night... photo doesn't do it justice

SJ and JC came over on Friday to record songs! Wanted to do a few songs but only managed to cover one, and just barely hahaha but anyway check it out!

Played guitar and backing vox! (I think the voices sound a bit off at some parts but I can't figure out what's wrong ugh)

I look like I've a belly here. Which reminds me, I gained weight LOL

Usual saturday with Jiams. I realize Pasir Ris Park is quite nice to run in!

when you ready for the cam but they say they're not ready

Ok good night

Sunday, January 18, 2015

We are made from chemicals


Day 2 of the new semester: Got tired of trying to live up to society's expectations

My face also got tired of trying to live up to society's expectations

Tumblr #1

Tumblr #2
Edit: I sent this to my Amplitube band as a joke and... guess who just helped us find our new band name LOL

Third day of school

Finally met up with Lynchua at NEX last Friday again after months and months... and we had Nando's! It was her first Nando's meal omg

The Aftermath

Her disgusted face damn fail HAHAHA





Did some song covers with Ahnia the same day! 

We da swaggypies

I know it's random but omg look it's Al Pacino's mugshot from 1961 can we just admire this

Met Melons yesterday to celebrate our oldest's upcoming burfday at Stateland Cafe. We're all turning 20 this year, holy crap. I still can't believe it. I've known most of my friends since sec1, and it still feels like just yesterday when we were all 13 and running around in a classroom :'(

The unsuspecting birthday girl

Sexy Jiams

The plan this year was to get a waffle for dessert and whip out the candle as a surprise (okay doesn't sound very awww but we're long over the honeymoon period as friends sooo)

But we all forgot about it and starting eating once the waffle arrived HAHAHA 

Nvm la birthday girl was still happy.

Then DT, ET and I went to watch DEON the band at Esplanade waterfront. They're DAMN GOOD. I love them

Abrupt end bye