Saturday, December 20, 2014


I haven't blogged in a week! Hahaha. Goes to show how mundane my days have been. 

Waking up at 4.30am tomorrow to catch our flight to Bangkok... ermahgerd!!! Can't wait to eat loads of good food and lepak for the next five days :))

Met up with some of 12s16 today, like nine or ten of us I think. Had lunch at Simei and then my two minions, zq, wh and I went to wq's house to play Kinect and play with his dog Bobbie (can't get over the name HAHA). Had zi char for dinner too. Super tired now haha

MERRY CHRISTMAS IN ADVANCE YALL!! Much love to all of you reading this! Yes, you! Here's a free hug!

Ending off my terribly short post with my new favourite album. It's so chill I just wanna kick back with some kawfee and good vibes all around. 

Goodbyeeee I'm so excited see all of you in five days!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

You keep eternity, give us the radio

Chanced upon some pretty interesting blogs from various NUS students during the search for reliable module reviews over the past few days. The chronicles of a third-year female student majoring in EL, an Indian guy majoring in Lit pondering the validity of 'Indian' as a race, a Life Science nerd with archives dating back to 2006.

Anyway, nothing much has been up recently. I've just been sleeping 10 hours a day, watching a lot more tv and eating a lot more food. Life is gooooood.

I starting playing Neopets again (lol) and I still suck at everything except Typing Terror.

Had dinner with my folks yesterday, then met Wums for supper! Hadn't seen her in more than two weeks :( She had dinner at Mos, then we had salmon sashimi at sushi express. I always feel guilty for eating sashimi but I love it so much. It was so satisfying haha

Gonna find food now BYE

Monday, December 8, 2014

The tour was over, we'd survived

Planning timetables is so exciting. Hahaha. Intending to take 3 econs mods, a GEM (Science of Music) and German 2 next sem. All the GEMs are super expensive though. Really hoping to get Science of Music because it sounds very interesting... ok, and also because it seems slack and it's non-examinable. Huge plus point there.

But from the archives on CORS, average lowest successful bid is like 700 points. I don't even know if I have at least 700 in either of my accounts!

Anyways, the above is my Sem 1 timetable. I think I was really lucky to get a timetable like that. Those who are not morning people would probably die halfway through the term, especially if they don't live in hostels like me and have to travel 1.5h every day to get to school. I almost died myself having to wake up at 5.30am every day.

Plus I'm one of those people who get super hungry in the morning. Didn't help that german lectures and tutorials (which are all my 8am classes) were very quiet, so my stomach was always making these unearthly noises that could be heard by most in my vicinity.

Sadly, I don't think I'll ever be able to get a timetable as nice as that again haha. But the good news is if I get all my preferred slots, I may be able to squeeze classes into three days. Woohoo!

In other news, Eastpoint re-opened again a few days ago. It feels very different from the old mall :( much less homely, though it's a lot more spacious and cleaner-looking. Hope the crowd dies down soon!

So, last Thurs was a tiring day. After drums, I met my band all the way at Yishun to record demos. First time actually recording stuff in a studio! The end product was okay-ish. I liked my bass work, but my backing vocals were... :( Wish I could have redone them! But there wasn't enough time.

Reached home at 1am. Was super shagged.

Met the Amplified band on Friday! It was an impromptu jam; didn't prepare anything at all. But it was funnnn. Played our old songs, played blues, played pop, played upbeat versions of Christmas carols.

I think I'm inspired by our guitarist T... (hope none of them happen to read my blog) Most guitarists I've met are super technical, and for a lack of a better word, anal people, but I've never come across a guitarist that plays with soul. I can actually hear it in his playing! It makes all the difference. I'm enlightened.

He's also super talented and has perfect hearing. So jelly!!!

But ya. I think more musicians should try to have fun and not be too focused on the technical aspect of playing. Maybe you think that if you're technical, you'll achieve better musicality, but sometimes when you go with the vibe and just follow a feeling, musicality comes naturally.

Haha okay, enough with the serious talk.

So we also switched our instruments for fun. Me being me, I picked up T's guitar and blurted my first thought, "It's so short!" (and then winced internally at my thoughtlessness)

It's probably funny, but it felt weird holding an electric guitar. The neck is shorter than that of a bass guitar, and also feels stumpier because of the extra two strings. It was also more difficult to play than I'd imagined because the strings are much thinner and closer together.

Level of respect for electric guitarists just went up a little.

Maybe I'll pick up electric guitar someday. It seems fun

Went out for a drink on Sat night, at Redhouse. It was supposed to be six of us but in the end it was just me, SJ, Jinx and Linus. Nothing much lah haha since the noisy ones weren't there.

Spent Sunday at home. Home-cooked lap cheong fried rice and hot green tea... yummm.

Met Lianne and Tania today! Finally went somewhere other than Tampines hahaha. We tried Stateland Cafe at Bali Lane, which is right next to Haji Lane. Pasta was decent, although nothing to rave about. Tania's "laksa" poached egg toast with hollandaise sauce was quite good though.

Went to Wonderland Cafe after that. They got a matcha latte and we shared a slice of Rosemary cake and a slice of Dark Chocolate Coffee cake.
Lianne: "The dark chocolate coffee cake tastes like the Kopi sweet." LOL quite true though

Walked around a bit then came home. Town is getting boring man. I think we should just stick to Tampines and Tania's house from now on. HAHA. I seriously think we're getting old

Came home to leftover fried rice (still yummz)

Ok abrupt end bye

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Climb atop a carousel

Tumblr #1

Tumblr #2

Potato salad

My first love
Found this on my table haha

Would love to dress like this every day. So damn comfy omg. #takingslobtothenextlevel

Excuse my shorts
Would you pay $119 for a melon? #melonmadness

My talented friends. WHY

When you tell your friends to 'look ugly' then you realize you were the only one who tried...

I love all the candid shots haha

Attempted to fry rösti for lunch for my mum and I yesterday. Wasn't very successful haha ohwellz


Thursday, December 4, 2014


New favourite song! Found this when I was searching for bands with two bass players. So much good vibes. Lovelovelove omg I feel so happy just listening to this right now. Most apt song title ever

Remember when you used to be a rascal?

I think I've developed an aversion towards peppermint tea after I had to drink it when I puked. Haha. Caught a whiff of it just now and my stomach did a little take. Funny what the brain does.

It's been less than a week since finals ended and life has never been better! It's like the A level break all over again cause unlike the primary and secondary school days, the holidays now are actually real holidays and we don't have homework or assignments to chiong. YAYYY.

Woke up early last Saturday morning and lamented to my mum that I had nothing to do. Then she said, "Wanna go to Parkway with me? We can visit your cousin then meet your dad for dinner." And I was like whoa cause she just settled the day's plans for me. Haha.

It was nice, awkward time as usual. I've always felt like the oddball in my extended family, so everyone thinks I'm the good kid that doesn't talk much, but truth is I just have nothing to say haha

Met up with Lumster and SJ on Sunday at tampines to do our Christmas cards. They both put a crazy amount of effort into their cards!! Spoil market sia.

Spent Monday nua-ing at home. Watched '3 Idiots' which is a super good movie! I just watched it again last night. Everyone I know who has watched it loves the movie.

Met Lumster on tuesday to have lunch at Working Title (again). K lah, I've come to a conclusion: the food is average at best, but what keeps me going back is the coffee and the chill ambience. In a lot of cafes like maybe Department of Caffeine, everyone seems super busy (probably because it's situated at Tanjong Pagar road, the 'office area') and you feel like getting out of there asap when you're done with your food.

But at WT it's like... I can lepak there the whole afternoon. Anyway, the food is still reasonably priced and the tater tots are quite good. Sinful, but good.

SJ ended school early and came to find us, and after camwhoring a bit at Haji Lane (took a lot of hilarious pictures HAHA) we headed to tampines to watch Interstellar! It was a damn good movie! Really mind-blowing. After that we had prata while discussing the movie and random scientific theories hahaha

Met Carmen on Wednesday to check out the new Eastpoint mall and have lunch. The new layout seems really confusing. Or maybe I'm just not used to it yet. Not many shops on the ground and upper floors are open yet too. Can't wait for the rest! The inhabitants of Simei have been deprived of food variety for far too long.

Then she came over and we watched Running Man and nua-ed and Photobooth-ed. Running Man is actually quite funny haha.

Today and tomorrow are gunna be music-ky days. There's drums later, then I'm meeting the band tonight and meeting the Amplified band tomorrow. Yayzza!!

Ok bye

Monday, December 1, 2014

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Can't listen to these beautiful songs without getting into a Christmas mood :)

Always wondered why the singers in Band Aid looked so sullen... then I realized they were British and not American like I thought... hahahaha

Friday, November 28, 2014

And a message coming from my eyes says leave it alone

My favourite thing to do during jams is to play the Seven Nation Army bassline until everyone else joins in... yep, definitely the annoying distracting bandmate. Haha #randomthoughts


I have waited for this day for soooo long. And again I will say this...

I can't believe I'm finally officially done with the first semester!!! It really just flew by me.

Lemme be lame (like I am all the time) and do a little recap!

Managed to get a spot for the FASS orientation camp, but decided not to go in the end. I feel sorry for all the people who will never get to know me :( sorry yall :(

Week one: overly excited for school (naturally) with my dearest Kee Lianne (yes yes don't worry I know that's not your real name). We stuck together like glue when we could (I think we still do actually) and I felt really tiny and lost whenever I had to go around school on my own, especially when tutorials started in the third week. NUS also turned out to look a little less pretty/atas than I initially thought it would, but I guess now I'm used to it.

Was also initially wow-ed by the seemingly wide array of food choices in NUS, but now it's like... "Sian... where you wanna eat?" "The Deck ah?" "Okay lor. Sian."

Tried out for Amplified in the second or third week, I can't remember. It was nerve-wracking, especially cause I had to audition with another bass player who was damn good in my opinion but for some reason he didn't get in in the end. Plus I made friends with him before that so I could borrow his really expensive-looking bass guitar cause I was too lazy to bring my own. #guilty

Got the good news that I got in around the third or fourth weeek, hurrah!! I was really really happy and being in Amplified was a great experience cause I got to meet many wonderful musicians.

Weeks 5 to 9, for me, was when the crazy stuff really kicked in. Projects and assignments, cca practice for the gig, and preparation for midterms. Had a few 12-hour school days. I would be soo tired by the end of the week. 10 to 13, which was after the gig, midterms and most of the assignment deadlines had passed, were a whole lot better.

Also very thankful for Kee Lianne because I realize I would really be all alone in school without her. It's been a good time studying with you, going around school and laughing at non-funny things with you :)))

Don't worry we love you too Tania!!! You are in our minds and hearts!

So yesh, that was Year 1 Sem 1 in a nutshell. I feel so accomplished haha

Had EL final today, it was do-able --> bell curve will be steep --> but should be still okay enough for me to get a C and S/U the mod

I quite enjoyed myself during the final actually HAHA. Mainly cause it was the last paper + I knew two hours would be more than enough time for 60 MCQs so I took my time perusing the questions. Whoever set the paper has quite a sense of humour; I had to suppress a smile at the Harry Potter-felicity conditions question.

Most people finished the paper by 10 and some were already leaving though official stop time was 11. I sat there a little while more to think about where to go for lunch haha.

Went to Working Title again. Really had to drag myself there because I was tired and felt like going home but I knew that if I went home I'd just drink tea and spend the afternoon on the Internet, which is something I foresee myself doing a lot for the next five weeks, so, nope.

Got the Eggs & Toast, it was kinda meh-ish. I liked the mushrooms cooked in truffle oil but the smoked salmon was really a downer for me- is smoked salmon supposed to taste that salty?? And it didn't taste fresh at all... or idk, maybe that's what smoked salmon's supposed to taste like? (I'm not being sarcastic here, I really don't know)

But the coffee was wonderful as always. It was heavenly. Not even exaggerating; I think I'm in love with it.

Went to visit my grandma after that and had a good chat with my cousin too. He's like the little brother I never had :( I used to cheat at games and make him cry all the time when we were kids and now he's enlisting next month... Noooo I'm getting old

So anywayz, I know blog quizzes are totally secondary school... but I'm too punk rock to care.


Name: Zoey
Birthday: 2nd october
Shoe size: EU 39 I think
Hair colour: Dark brown :(
Eye colour: Dark brown :(
Zodiac: Libra (I almost wrote Pig) (Eh wait shouldn't it be 'horoscope' then?)
School: Nat Uni of Sg


Colour: Green, currently
Male celebrity: Idk
Female celebrity: Idk
Shoes: Probably Vans though I don't own a single pair :(
Brand: Probably Muji, I really love their stuff
Book: i play the drums in a band called okay by Toby Litt. (What? Don't roll your eyes at me.)
Sport: Basketball or netball
TV Show: I don't watch tv shows
School colours: wut
Drink: Teaaaaa and coffee and water
Food: Don't judge me... salads
Gum: Strawberry? Idk, most stuff is okay except mint


A: Apple
B: Banana
C: Cherry
D: Di- nevermind
E: Elephant
F: Fish
G: Giraffe
H: Horse
I: Igloo
J: Juice
K: Kangeroo
L: Love
M: Mom
N: Nose
O: Oxygen
P: Plant
Q: Q-Q mian??
R: Rose
S: Song
T: Top
U: Uvula
V: Vandal
W: Whale
X: Xylophone
Y: Yo-yo
Z: Zebra

first things that popped into my mind


Food: Jiams
Fashionista: SJ
Locker: the lead guy from FM Static (cause first thing I thought of was that lyric, "And she's staring at his picture hanging in her locker")
Tall: Me HAHA
Short: My mum
Fat: My dad
Gorgeous: Lianne (ONLY BECAUSE it sounds like something we would use in a joke, okay lianne?)
Best Friend: Wumsyy
Silly: Me
Retarded: Still me
Blonde: Carmen?? Not cause she's stupid, she definitely isn't, but she would probably dye her hair blonde or something
Fun: Obviously me
Cute: Still
Hot: And still


5 Favourite Movies:
1. Dazed and Confused
2. Jesus Christ Superstar
3. School of Rock
4. Grease
5. The Kings of Summer

only my five current favourites. that was so hard to do! :(

5 Favourite Celebrities:
1. Jack Barakat
2. Jen Ledger
3. Chad Smith
4. idk
5. idkk

5 Things You Find In Your Room:
1. Bed
2. Wardrobe
3. Der Untersetzer für der Tee
4. Random pieces of paper
5. Umbrella

5 Things You Can't Live Without: (I presume we're talking about material items here)
1. Probably Youtube
2. My guitars
3. Writing materials??
4. Flip-flops
5. Coffee and tea

5 Best Songs:
1. Chemicals - Tigers Jaw
2. Down Baby - Loud Lucy
3. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer
4. The Alien Song - Milla Jovovich
5. Lost Stars - Adam Levine

(current favourites only) (damn that was a weird list... I think I had everything except metal on there)

5 Best Artists/Bands:
1. My Chemical Romance... always
2. Muse
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers
4. Saosin
5. Either the Arctic Monkeys or Brand New


1. Have an obsession?

2. Where do you plan to go this summer?
I wanna go on vacation

3. What month is it?

4. Anything big coming up?
CHRISTMASSS and the school break and going with my folks to Bangkok in 3 weeks

5. Why are you doing this?
I'm sorry... but it has to be this way. I'm so sorry.

6. Like your parents?
Love em.

7. Do you sleep with a teddy bear?

8. Do you eat when you're nervous?
Quite the opposite

9. Own a dress?

10. Are you a fast typer?

11. Do you wanna have kids?

12. Who do you usually have Christmas dinner with?
My fam or Lianne & Tania (or was it just that one time we had a Christmas dinner? Hahaha)

13. Who do you celebrate New Year's with?

14. Where do you live?
In a crammed stuffy city where most people act like they have something up their asses... #sorrynotsorry #someonehadtosayit

15. Have you made a cootie catcher in your younger years?
I not angmoh lah. I play catching only.

16. Plans this weekend?

17. To your left is:
My window

18. To your right is:
A box of gum... I think it's been sitting there for years

19. In your pocket is:
No pockets

20. Nervous about anything?

21. Scared of the dark?

22. Have any phobias?
Not that I know of

Finally done omg that took forever

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Down Baby

Can't understand a single thing he's saying other than "down baby," but hey, great song! Luv it.

I am officially bored for the first time in a long while. It's such a shiok feeling. Can't wait to get some books from the library and print out drum scores.

Woke up early yesterday, had breakfast, made potato salad for lunch while playing my Foster the People and My Chemical Romance albums, made tea, ate junk food, went down to the studio, came back up and wasted my life away on the Internet, had dinner with my folks, studied for EL while listening to Tigers Jaw.

So naturally I'm a little bored today. Woke up at 8.30am and now the day feels really long. Tried watching Trainspotting before drums just now but I couldn't get past the thick Scottish accents, so I re-watched The Kings of Summer instead. Great, great movie, wonderfully quotable, very charming cast. Nick Robinson is so dorky I love it. I love him. Did I mention we're the same age?

Ok better stop here bye

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tell me everything is how it should be

And I can barely tell the sky from the shoreline
And I can see myself reflected in your eyes
And this was all a dream
And it's coming back to me
A portrait in grey scale
A perfect betrayal
And I can't even breathe
With this weighing on my chest
You knew me at my best
Now I can't even stand on my own

TIGERS JAWWW I love you so much


I still, still can't believe it's over! Finals were emotionally taxing but definitely not as taxing as A levels. I'm so glad to be done with all the major mods. So, so glad. Looking forward to the break!!! Totally in the holiday mood already although I haven't started studying at all for my last paper, EL1101E.

Didn't manage to finish the econs paper :((( Managed to finish my essays but barely- I finished my last SE essay at 18.59. -wipes perspiration- Praying that the bell curve will be kind!! :(

Received an angpow from one of my relatives just now and my first thought was, OMG yes more money for drums!! Haha. #truededication

I really love learning drums. I've been listening to Saosin and their drummer is absolutely nuts! Can't wait to learn more.

Okay I should probably go sleep. Can't believe I survived today man.

Looking forward to spending the next two days nua-ing at home hehe (albeit with my EL notes...)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Youth is wasted on the young

Soo I had to learn Lost Stars by Adam Levine on drums, and my teacher told me it was written for a romance movie called Begin Again. He loves the song and when I first heard it I thought it was kinda meh. Like he's so talented he can play whatever he wants, but he opts for a love ballad instead.

But anyways I went online and found the movie today, and I fell in love with the song tooooo. It's so simple yet it's effective and it's just... great. I don't listen to Maroon 5/Adam Levine at all but Lost Stars is a really, really good song.

I loved the movie too!! Simply adored the entire cast. The story unfolded extremely well- it was heartfelt without feigned sensitivity; it was funny without overdoing it or watering the plot down. The streets looked gorgeous and Gretta James' wardrobe crew all deserve a huge raise. I need all of her outfits omg. I've also gained a newfound appreciation for Keira Knightley's acting. And Mark Ruffalo is kind of hot in a weird way.

Okay bye I think I've procrastinated enough


Super random but I was listening to my music library and I think this is one of my favourite recordings ever from jamming... everything is at the right volume and we're all complementing one another, and so many feeeeels. Hahaha. It just feels and sounds right. What an honour to have gotten to know this talented bunch :') Especially love Thaddeus' playing in this haha. Dat guitar tone!!

Here it is

(oops just realized it can't be posted oh well haha)

Okay bye FORREALZ dammit life y u give me so many distractions

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Paper Wings

What a beautiful cover! The girl has such a lovely tone to her voice, how lucky. I'd kill for a tone like that! With a trained ear and proper voice control, I'd be able to do a lot more than play instruments (not that I don't already love playing instruments). And I loooove the backup vocals!! But I can't find any stuff from the guy elsewhere. Oh wellz.

Reading Week is almost over omg. What did I even do this week?!

I have to admit that content-wise, the uni workload is a lot lighter than JC (or it may just be because I'm in Arts Fac hehe) (nearly died during JC) but that still doesn't mean I don't have studying to do.

Gym today was gooood (oh DT joined us in our unproductive studying sesh today yay); I'm starting to feel the body aches already. Can't wait for more gymming! Haha (oh no, hope I don't turn into one of those gym addict types) (I don't think I will)

Three more dayssss

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oh flow, where did you go?

Weather today is too good to be stuck at home studying Socio :( It's such a gross subject. Don't know how I ever wanted to major in it. (Just kidding I'm just bitter because I don't do well in it)

In a good mood because teacher was in a good mood for drums today so everyone caught the contagious good mood yay free good moods all around here you go one for you

Just now during the lesson he suddenly asked if I watch movies, and I said no I just watch them at home online and he asked, "So you don't like, go to the cinema to watch movies?"

And a thought occurred to me, and I was like oh crap don't tell me this is going where I think it's headed...

But in the end he just wanted to tell me about how Interstellar was an awesome movie and that he watched it twice because it was so good so I should go watch it too because Christopher Nolan's movies are great.

I was like ohhh okay HAHAHAHA I'm still laughing when I think about it now HAHAHAHA sorry self-esteem too high already -wipes tear- It's damn funny I cannot

Another funny thing was when I was learning the rimshot (?) and I couldn't stop the nerd in me from asking about the position of the stick, "So like, across the diameter?" And he LOLed and said "What diameter? Just like that la"

Ha ha sigh my life

FIVE MORE DAYS TILL I'M DONE WITH 3 OF MY 4 FINALS. Can I get a hel- to the -yer?

My to-do list is overflowing. The opportunity cost of going out, ketching up with friends, and having a life is my precious alone time and the time I wanna use to practice more bass and drums... how?

Trade-offs, trade-offs.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Do they make you happy?

I have no idea how many times I've posted this album, but I just can't get over it. It's that one album you can't decide if you want to keep all to yourself or share with the rest of the world. It's that beautiful.

I've tried listening to other albums that are supposedly from the same genre as this, but nothing really works for me, not even Tigers Jaw's other albums. At least not Charmer, which was released this year. Charmer sounds like something you would play in the background while you're off doing something else. It's a good album, but I'm not feeling it, maybe not yet.

But this. This is just pure awesomeness, one home-hitting track after the other. It does things to my soul 


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dance with me

I keep thinking that's there school tomorrow, it's so weird :/ 

12 more days to the break!! -dances around- 

Hurts to type now because I was arranging an old-new song. Old because I penned it sometime back and new because I finally sat down and took the time to polish it up. Happy to say that I finally did a happy song for the first time in ages. Satisfied with the vibe but not too pleased with the lyrics. Maybe I'll go back and make some changes. 

Thought it would be a good idea to write in C# major, but clearly my fingers didn't agree... #ouch

Anyways, Reading Week has commenced! Goals for this week: Get enough rest, stop skipping meals and hit the books. The most annoying thing is socio: can't decide if I'm doing badly enough to be sure that I'll have to S/U it in the end, if you know what I mean. So I don't know whether I should 'give up' on it. 

Mega tired today so I'm gonna turn in. Studied with Jiams yesterday from morning till 4.30pm, then we went to gym and then I rushed home to shower before going for band meet. Ended late and I reached home at 12am and slept at 1, which is totally not my thing. Sucks to be a morning person when everyone else around you is not haha. 

Good night

Last week with Wums

Fat die us


At FASS. Humble's Cafe Latte is damn good to me, although my fellow coffee lover Nat thinks it's too acidic. Oh wellz

Another funneh thing

Me when I try to act cute

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The alien song

Omg done with the second last day of school!! Wearing the same clothes tomorrow as I did for the first day of school as my own private joke... ha ha ha ok sorry

Also basically done with LAG1201, HELYERRR. Well I'm actually still left with one lecture tomorrow but we'll just be getting back papers and grades.

I know I keep saying it but I'm really in disbelief over how fast our first semester flew by. Most of my finals will be over in less than two weeks. It's crazy. And lucky me, I finish on the 28th which is considered pretty early, heh.

It's been a good week of getting out of lectures and tutorials and turning to the nearest friend to say, "Omg, that was the last lecture/tutorial!!"

Tomorrow will be the last time I'm having my weekly thursday Subway lunch at UTown too! Yes, I have Subway once a week alone at UTown. So unhealthy, but it's convenient and hey, the coffee is good. I always walk out feeling overly-hyped for my next lesson- an EL tutorial that, for some reason, is made up of 90% Psychology majors and seriously, Psych majors have the straightest faces.

Anyways, this was really the best semester of school I've had in a long while (maybe since primary school?). I really enjoyed learning and there's honestly not much studying to do because the tests and assignments come and go so fast, as compared to in secondary school or JC where you spend two or four years in a competition to see who can memorize everything in the textbooks.

Maybe I'll do a module review after my exams (damn step right, year 1 semester 1 do module review already)

Oh yes, and I met SJ, Bryan and Weiqiang on Monday for dinner after the draggy SC review lecture (during which I studied for german and Lianne read and showed me Stomp articles)

On the way there in the train, for some reason I couldn't unlock my phone for a while. It's been annoyingly problematic recently, like the battery dies after I reach 40% or so. So once I managed to unlock it, I memorized SJ's number, just in case.

Turns out it was real lucky I did that, because the battery level suddenly dropped from 40% to 1% in a second and my phone died on the spot. My face in the train was like O__O

Felt so lost without knowing exactly where they were. Only other option was either to borrow a phone or to go home (which would have been a waste since I was already there), so I approached a lady in her 20s, thinking that people closer to my own age might be more likely to empathize. But she turned me down with a very blatant cover-up, "Oh, my phone is running out of battery too."

Went to two older women maybe in their early 40s. One of them just ignored me and the other frowned suspiciously at me and said no.

I was like :(((

Finally approached a guy in his 30s who was standing around and using his phone, presumably waiting for someone, and he hesitated for a second before he said ok. Yay!

Spent forever on his phone because I couldn't remember the exact number. Kept dialing the wrong numbers. I could feel my face turning red

Finally I got it right and Sj picked up. Was so relieved to hear her voice hahaha. After a rather funny convo telling her to "stay there ah" "don't move ah", I handed the phone back to the guy who was by then smiling in amusement.

So embarrassing :(

I think it's sad that we've become so jaded, although I guess it can't be helped. And despite what social science has taught me, I can't help wondering if gender had a part to play. Do men tend to be more helpful than women because of social pressure to behave 'gentlemanly'? (I have actually kind of noticed that from separate incidents) Or is it because of my own gender? Would the guy have turned me down if I were a 19-year-old male instead?


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cm Bb Gm Fm

Can't believe the weekend is almost over :( it really passed super fast?! 

Spent Friday at home catching up on work. Met Jiams on Sat to study and... gym hahaha but after you get over the initial awkwardness of being a fitness noob in a crowded gym it's actually kind of fun. 

Studying was not very productive but it was great spending time with Wumsy again (aww so sweet right touched anot Jiams)

It's been ages since we got to spend the whole day together! 10am to 8pm ok, I'm surprised we didn't end up killing each other 

Woke up early today to meet Lianne and Tania for bfast!! Getting lazier every time we meet. All we do is dabao food to her house and lepak there until she chases us out HAHA

We were trying to find this certain old blog post and ended up reading our blog archives and laughing ourselves silly LOL but seriously we were so embarrassing from ages 12-15 WHY 

But I'm glad we got to do all those dumb things in AHS hahaha JC was much less happening (although still good) and uni... 

#thankfulforsecondaryschool #thankfulforequallysiaofriends

Anyway, on to the train now to meet my band. Too lazy to bring my own guitar but I feel empty without it haha. (Crap just realized I forgot to eat dinner again) 

German 1 final is on tuesday ermahgerd. After that I can heck all things german until Sem 2... then I will find that German 1 was only the beginning :/

But HEY on the slightly brighter side I'm almost a quarter through to SEP HAHA 

I feel like I have too many commitments on my hands. Gotta start weighing trade-offs soon, but I'm so reluctant to give anything up :'( 

Goodbye. Brand New's music demands my attention

Friday, November 7, 2014


Oh my God, John Frusciante. How does one make backup vocals sound so heavenly?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I'm without you


In the train now on the way home. So glad it's the end of the week! Only one week of review lectures left omg. The travelling every day is getting to me too and I'm starting to develop the habit of sleeping on trains. (not a pretty sight) 

Had vocab test which was pretty okay. I think I might have a shot at my first 100%. -insert that emoticon here- And I just found out that German final is in five days. Darn. 

EL presentation was not fun at all. I was super nervous. I really don't like presentations, even if they're just minor ones. You would think if I liked performing I'd be okay with presentations but noo I just felt like puking. 

Okay bye yayay the weekend is here


Edit: This has no link at all but GAWDAMMIT I really hate technology

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My dad just told me that the dog on his fish farm got stolen... I feel so upset now. I feel like crying, in fact.

Apparently some people in a passing boat had children with them and Govia, being the most friendly dog ever, jumped into the sea to play with them, and they supposedly liked him so much that they took him away.

I'm so afraid that he'll be mistreated. He's a strong boy but he belongs on the sea... if they take him to land I don't think he'll survive. (ok I'm crying now)

I don't know for sure what kind of people they are but if they're capable of stealing a dog then I think that kind of speaks for itself.

Now I regret not seeing him more while I had the chance. I miss the few times when I would be sitting with my feet in the water at night and he would stroll out of nowhere and sit down quietly next to me. And then when it was time to go he would jump into the sea and swim as hard as he could after us, all the while making noises that tugged at my heart.

Oh Govia, please be safe. I can't bear to think of you in pain.

C G Am F

Mid-week update!

Procrastinating cause I've a vocab test on thurs but I'm feeling lazy.

Speaking of which, LAG1201 is really toughening up now cause we're learning about shit like dativ and modal verbs and trenbarre verbs and nominativ/akkusativ...

I never ever paid attention during English grammar lessons in primary school because I found it soo boring. I didn't know what a verb was until sec4. Thankfully I had a lot of exposure to the language so it turned out ok.

And now I'm back to square one learning all these things in German. Can't imagine what German 4 will be like :'( can we just skip to the part where I go on student exchange already?

Found out that the three-hour Econs lecture on Monday was actually the last... WOOHOO no more 3-hour lectures omg I can't believe it!

It's crazy how the first semester is already coming to an end. One week of review lectures after this, then reading week and finally exam week... ermahgerd. Can't wait for the holidayyyys :)) I'm already planning a list of things to do HAHA

And I think I've more or less decided I'm gonna major in Econs... cause I got back my Socio mid-term and it was a sucky grade :'( (Not like I'm doing well for econs either actually)

I give up on trying to understand what kind of paper they want. No GP, no fluff, don't throw in too much functionalist/SI/conflict theory... and I can't stand when they give advice like "Remember, always answer the question!" ...Ya don't say?!

Ok bye (sorry I only rambled about school haha)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bm D A G

Feeling damn good now cause I finished all my work for this week so I'm like totally free now for the weekend. So happy!!!

I even had time to clean my room a bit (not that it's ever been messy; I've always been obsessively neat).

Staring at all the little ticks on my weekly to-do list gives me a sense of satisfaction like no other ahaha 

Called Wums and she's free kinda so we're going to townnn (just went there yesterday with SJ to study/eat sushi/shop haha) 

I'm gonna watch This Is Spinal Tap on my laptop later! 

G Em C D

Just handed in an online German assignment that's only due three days later. Any of the other students can view my work haha. Was the first one to do it for the previous assignment too. HAHA. #spoilmarket

Nvm ah thick-skinned a bit maybe I'll get brownie points...

Or hopefully be forgiven by my lecturer for daydreaming in class. 

Nothing much has been a-happenin' this week again. But the week seriously flew past though. It's scary! 

On tuesday one of my tutorials was the last one and I didn't know it. I was like damn, today's my second last chance to see my eye candy. And then after we settled down our tutor said "Hands up, those of you who didn't know today's our last tutorial" and I was like what

And so, me being creepy, stared at him all throughout the tutorial and even when he exited the room HAHAHA I'm not even kidding. A bit hua chi la but not so if you think about how I will really, honestly probably never see him again. It's so sad! Guess it's true that once the semester is over you never see anymore of the same faces again. I'll probably miss other people from my tutorial group too; I think it's my favourite group actually because everyone seems real nice and our tutor is funny. 

A lot of funny stuff happened this week. 

During my German oral test on Wednesday, we had a dialogue part with our tutor who was also the tester, and my topic was hard :( one of the questions she asked was, "What languages do you speak?" So I said English and Chinese, and she asked, "Do you have any friends in university whom you converse in Chinese with?" 

And I wanted to answer, "No, I do not have friends in university whom I can converse in Chinese with," but instead I said, "Ich habe keine Freunde..." and then trailed off because I didn't know how to continue. 

And that translates to, "I have no friends." 

Ahaha ha ha ha 

Bought roasted chicken rice yesterday after coming home from school and as the seller handed me my packet he said, "这个加料是你的" and smiled (in the kindly way not the creepy way) so I thanked him thinking that maybe he added a few slices of chicken or an egg, but when I got home I realized he added an egg, achar AND char siew. It made my day :') Especially timely since I was trying to save money and purposely took the cheapest option. I recognized one of the sellers as a neighbour that I sometimes acknowledge if we bump into each other. But still. So kind!

During a productive EL lecture on Tuesday

The following are random stuff from Tumblr. I love Tumblr. 

Oh yeah, on Thursday we had band prac and it was fun, again, of course. Playing music is always fun. We were supposed to meet at 7 at the studio, and us four girls decided to meet first to go together and the guys reached there first. We ended up getting super lost. Got drenched in the rain and couldn't even manage to find a cab. Finally made it there at 8pm hahaha I'm starting to think maybe gender stereotypes aren't all that stereotypical after all... 

After jamming we had prata and talked nonsense and D insisted on taking a group selfie but everyone else was super camera shy, it was quite funny. 

Anyways, do excuse my blog title. 

Run out of lyrics to use already because I haven't really been listening to any lyrics lately :( Shall I write jokes and then post answers at the end of my posts? 

And it's 1.25am dammit I planned to sleep by 11 :'(