Tuesday, February 24, 2015

And all these Tallahassee skylines, they keep singing out a song


I spent the last two days at CCP doing some intense revision with @rundownhills (lianne). (not continuously la) (funfact: I almost called her rundownhills out loud once LOL)

Met up with my bae (wums) today for a quick dinner and then... yes, mugging again. Glad our schedules are finally aligned (both of us are having exams) so we get to do something together for once... even if it's mugging

Feels like there's a ton of work to do... and we're almost mid-week already! omg die

Meeting the others for gig prac tomorrow morning and might be going out with some amplifites at night... yay my first ever meeting outside of school with uni friends wowow level up zoey good job -pats myself on the back-

Sorry, full of crap cause I'm delirious already. Felt floaty the whole day today from lack of sleep (due to spending too much time lying on my bed using my phone, not cause I was studying) + caffeine. Feels like I'm back in sec4 / JC... -shudders at the thought of the O level and A level periods-

I remember spending the early hours of new year's day nua-ing on B's sofa and h2ht-ing with the jc kids. Then making the impromptu decision to take a morning walk in our PJs to the nearby macdonald's for breakfast. That day feels like an era ago, sigh. Can't wait for mid-terms to be overrrrrr

K better go before I turn 80 typing this

Monday, February 23, 2015

Grey Cell Green

Yup, went from 70s pop songs to this. Because I can.


Random thought: thinking about all the people I said "see you" to and never met again makes me sad.

Also, CNY is over and Recess Week is here. We are officially halfway through Year 1 Sem 2. WTH. At this rate I will be 80 years old tomorrow.

Piano Man

Is it possible to feel nostalgia for a time that existed way before my own? Nostalgia for forgotten dreams, carelessness and the days when life was simple and sweet.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

By gutter institutions


She's a Fender P! American Special 3 Tone Sunburst. (wowow do I sound legit yet)

But ya she's a beauty -HEART EYES- I'll spare you guys the details but she was the third guitar I tried and once I started playing I knewww she was da one

And the sound difference between her and my Stagg really shows. The lower notes are just -heart eyes again- and that subtle sustain... UGH. If I do my settings right I can also get it to sound almost exactly like the basses that UI used omg I just love my new baby so much. cries

Anyways, I'm feeling the mid-sem heat :( The work is piling up, and the doubts even more so. Plus 2102 lecturer is not holding ANY consultation hours during recess week -__- her email states it's 'so as to truly give you a break.' ... Plz.

The only thing I probably really enjoy studying right now is german. And maybe 2104 cause it's quite a slack module and the lecturer is funny. My main (my only) motivation to do well stems from the opportunity for SEP. Really looking forward to it!! If I somehow cannot make it due to my CAP (choy choy choy), I will be crushed.

And everyone in nus is so smart, I cannot. 10/15 for an assignment sounded good until I realized average-median was 12-13. Like why.

So tired of this :( when will the vicious competitive cycle ever stop

A lot of people have also been asking me what I intend to do with an econs degree and it's sad that I really don't have an answer to that. Starting to feel the pressure to start thinking seriously about what I really want to do with my life. I envy people who have it all sorted out.

But anyways... Chinese New Year is here! Don't know why but I feel particularly excited for it this year. All the goodies are up on the table too. Love letters, arrowhead chips, pistachio cookies, almond cookies, spicy jiu he, groundnuts, an assortment of sweets... YUMMM.

Just finished my reunion dinner too. Getting to sit down with my family for a hearty meal will definitely always be one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Hope all of you have a wonderful chinese new year! :)

Oh ya, also bumped into Kenneth yesterday on my way home after school! We live super near each other so occasionally we happen to meet. Spent a good 20min standing at the lift landing under my block updating each other about our lives. Laying it all out like that really made me feel like we've grown a lot older and become way more mature.

And I think I secretly like running into old friends every once in a while. HAHA

And omg why does the day pass so fast! Feels like I just woke up not long ago and now it's 9pm already. Sighpie

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Time is running out

Sitting here waiting for Dod so we can go shop for my new guitar. 

Really hope I find my new baby today!! 

Feeling tired though I only went to school for two lectures today hahaha

I only have school on two days this week, thanks to chinese new year! Oh and a nice indian lady at subway wished me a happy new year haha. Real sweet of her. Which reminds me, I definitely eat too much subway. I think I have it about twice a week. 

Next week is recess week (aka study break -__-) and the week right after is midterms. Week 8 is e-learning week (wow my first ever e-learning week in nus) and then I've two gigs plus my first CA for science of music in Week 9. Busy busayye. 

Like I said before, this sem is definitely gonna fly by. I'm so sad that my time in university in passing so quickly. In a flash I'll be a year 2! Nooooo :( 

I feel like pooping. Bye

Selfie from saturday to reward you for reading my blog 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

All the times we spilt our coffees and stayed out way too late

Looks like everybody comes to GEK1519 to multi-task haha. The people around me are all working on assignments/surfing Youtube while Prof Bernard goes on about pandan cake recipe (no kiddz) 

Was on the bus otw to school one cold morning a few days ago when it suddenly struck me that I'm going to miss school so much when I graduate. I know I'm only still in Year 1 but everyone keeps talking about how fast your uni years will fly by. I don't wanna start working :'( 

I love learning and listening to professors digress (like right now) and dressing like a slob every day and having ccas. Don't wanna have to dress in office wear (YUCK) and worry about nasty colleagues and overbearing bosses :((( 

Ok, enuff about that. Just gonna treasure my uni life from now on. (who am I kidding what life LOL) 

Got my german test back today (yes the one I studied the wrong chapters for) and I'm damn happy to announce I scored a 43%! I'm serious. Thought I would get no more than a 20% for sure. The average is 82% but who cares, I didn't even study ahahahaa good job zoey 

(Oops I stopped writing when lecture ended but s'okay now I'm back) 

Anw I might be forming a new band... justsaying. Haiya I'm such a band slut, I know. (hi Lum you can slap me again)  

Made my way to UCC after lecture just now cause I was gonna help out at cac+us which is this annual concert organized by the CAC. Kinda lame cause all I did the whole evening was move a crash onto the stage and move it back after the performance hahaha but it's fine cause I got to hang backstage with lovely people from my cca. I haven't laughed so hard since starting uni I think. (Excluding the time I spend with Lianne cause we laugh at EVERYTHING) 

Also I reached UCC ten minutes early and was feeling a bit lost then as I was wandering around someone called, "Zoey??" and it was Yueyao!!! Haven't seen her in damn long (tried to arrange a lunch in sem 1 but it failed HAHA) and I sat down with her and we camwhored and it was like old times all over again; we were being so noisy in the quiet lobby hahaha

Miss those precious AHS days

(Tonight by FM static came on my ipod and it is intensifying the melancholiness) 

But ya fancy running into her in school!! Made my day

Damn tired now, but what a wonderful day :) Can't wait to get home and zzz

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Drive until he sleeps

If I ever set up a cafe, I'll write and record music like this, and have it play in the background

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Giving the academy a raincheck

Outdated, jaded, curated, overrated 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

I was born in the wagon of a travelling show
My mama used to dance for the money they'd throw
Papa would do whatever he could
Preach a little gospel
Sell a couple bottles of Dr. Good

'Gypsies, tramps and thieves,'
We'd hear it from the people of the town
They'd call us
'Gypsies, tramps and thieves,'
But every night all the men would come around
And lay their money down

As a kid I would hear this song on the oldies radio station all the time, and my mom, who loves this song but cannot sing, would sing the whole thing- word for word. But anyway, I still love the song, and the old memories associated with it.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

We pulled too many false alarms

"My dear, we're slow dancin' in a burnin' room"

It's a John Mayer kind of night. Probably gonna listen to Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen after this. Ahh, life.

Now all I need is sum hot chocolate

Thursday, February 5, 2015

How many mugs could a mugger mug if a mugger could mug mugs?

Yeahh came up with that title all on my own... ain't I legendary.

Tuesday was a super shag day. Had classes and cca in school from 8AM TO 10PM.

Went for five hours without food because I thought I could tank it... I thought wrong :( Last class ended late too cause some guy kept asking stupid questions, probably for participation points, idk. They should just remove that component from the grading system, it's stupid.

Rushed to the Deck after that for some hearty cai peng.

Did some studying until dinnertime, then cca. My new Amplitube band makes me miss my old Amplitube band -black moon face- not that they're bad, by any means, cause they definitely aren't. Just different feelz

Yesterday was a lepak dayyy I cooked something light for lunch and also discovered a giant hole in my pants!! I already went out twice earlier in the day!!

Also studied german yesterday and felt damn good about myself until this morning when I got the test paper and discovered I frigging studied the wrong frigging chapters for the test. Fml seriously.

And it's not like I could crap my way through or something cause it was a vocab test- if you don't know the word, you don't know the word. Thank God there's several components for german so hopefully I won't get pulled down too much by this stupid test.

This is the damn announcement that confused me. See, it says 'the FIRST vocabulary test is scheduled...' and the thing about the website is it backscrolls so when you first open the page, you get the latest announcements all the way down to the oldest ones. And how was I to know that they already posted details about the second test when we hadn't even done the first one yet! 

Okay I'm just trying to feel like it wasn't my fault. 

Also... made the big decision to quit my band yesterday. Don't know if I made the right decision- I keep listening to our recordings and thinking about it, but I think it's fair. I feel bad though that I only told our leader and couldn't bring myself to say it on the chat... don't even have the balls to tell them myself. 

I will miss them though. Call me selfish, but deep down I hope they don't find a replacement (at least not so soon) so I will always have them to turn to... yeah I deserve a slap. 

I think about them starting another chat to discuss future plans without me and I'm just like... :(

But hey, can't have the best of both worlds. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Distress signal

Jiams said the other day that there are too few hours in a day... agreed.

First day of the month again! Can't believe it's been a whole month since the start of 2015?! Feels like just yesterday that I was counting down to the new year.

It's also the end of the third week of school! Waow. Have a feeling this sem will fly by.

I also joined Amplified exco! I'm in logssss. Was so relieved to find out that I already know the others in the team! Isaac from my first Amplified band is inside and I was like OMG thank God! And he messaged me and we both OMG-ed together hahahaha

Looking forward to being in logistics cause I think I'll really learn a lot from it. I know nuts about guitars and amps!

K gotta study for german test now BYE

Edit: why does everything sound so dangerous in german 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Brick wall view that reminds me of nothing but you


Long day yesterday

This week's German has been interesting cause we got to discuss... FOOD. My classmate asked me what sauerkraut was and I said it was sausage but apparently it's fermented radish... Well who'd've known. #awkward

Was totally determined to stay awake in EC2101 lecture to give my favourite professor some face, but... failed :'( snoozed for a good 25min omg

Had lunch alone at UTown while waiting for my german classmate (the module is german, not him) to come so we could do our pairwork assignment. Then he came and his two friends crashed too and we all had lunch together haha I was damn awkward at first because I wasn't expecting others but there's prolly no way to be awkward around engineers... they were damn funny and nice people. And I lost all awkwardness once the conversation shifted to music.

Another thing, I don't get how 'female bassists are supposed to look like...' am I supposed to sport a pink mohawk and severely ripped jeans or something? Anyway the thick glasses and dark straight hair are obviously a telltale sign of my I-don't-care punk attitude... duh.

(in case you can't tell, I'm kidding -black moon face-)

And honestly, I love meeting new people in school. I've had sooo many interesting conversations with random people in NUS over the past few months. But it's so tough when it's time to part ways and it's like... dang it when will I ever see you again? #sighpie


Had my last class of the week after that- ec2102 tutorial. Can't stand this module!! Cause I catch no balls. Spent the hour blindly copying everything from the whiteboard.

Met Jiams, who also spent her day mugging at NUS, after school for dinner! Went to town and had ramen at some random stall in scape. It was good but not worth its price... as is almost everything else in town.

Walked arounddd then went home

Feeling damn lazy to start on my tutorials but I have to do it now cause busy weekend ahead :( and sorry no photos cause nothin much has been a-happenin the past week


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Saw The Wolf

Everyone in this band was so adorable omg. Brianna's arm at 2:26 when she starts singing HAHA.

They're all so awkward. And Adam is so attractive. Especially at the end. GAHHH

Edit: currently in a mood to go to a really rad rock concert, but no rad bands having rad concerts ATM :'( 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

These moments are priceless

Super shagged cause I just finished 12 hours of school in two days. Thought I was damn smart packing my timetable into three days... Maybe not huh

Woke up at 5 today for school and had two char siew paus, a subway sandwich, a vanilla bun and coffee all before 12pm. The coffee made me super perky during the 2102 lecture. First time managing to keep awake throughout the entire lecture! 

Can't wait to reach home and have some tea. 

Oh yes and pls go wish my dear friend Lianne a very happy birthday!!! -hearts- 

She blogs at catchingaeroplanes.blogspot.com

And no she didn't ask me to do this HAHA

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I can't win

I love this song so much. Never gets old. It's one of those rock songs where everything is perfect- the drums, the guitar work, the bass, the vocal harmonies... uGH. And everything just brings out the fEELS.

Finally got my straplocks last Tuesday!!! Heheheh. They've worked fine so far even though I didn't use a drill and just inserted the screws in. Read some really good reviews on Jim Dunlop's straplok retainers, so... let's hope all goes well! 

The hand is the salesguy's hand btw. I asked if I could take a picture of it cause I wanted to double check that it was gonna work for my guitar. Thought he would put it down, but he held it out for me hahaha


First band meet of the year tuesday night! We played Teenagers by MCR hellYER it was damn fun until they decided to transpose it...... I suck at transposing wehhhhh

And Hv was in a mood and started taking pictures of us haha. Everyone was camera shy so I pretended to be camera shy as well...... #toughlife

Was stalking my facebook and found this gem from 2010 HAHAHA omg I think what's amazing is: number one, we look exactly the same, and number two, I can still imagine us doing all the dumb things we did during our staycation in MBS if we were there right now.
some things never change :')

Thursday morning: Bought my bread from 7-11, ate it and THEN checked the expiry date... don't worry I'm ok guys. A little traumatized, but still ok
#horrible7-11 #boycott7-11 #jk #imstillgonnabuymybreadtherenextweek #butwillchecktheexpirydate

I look terrible here but nvm. Lumster came down to NUS from Pulau NTU on thursday to meet me!! :) Gave her a mini tour around. I think we did A LOT of walking hahaha

Stayed to catch this! The turnout was terrible haha. Probably not enough publicity. Only stayed for the first band, JJ and the Paper Planes, and they were damn good, holy crap. Lead singer can SING. High notes were crazy. 


I love UTown at night... photo doesn't do it justice

SJ and JC came over on Friday to record songs! Wanted to do a few songs but only managed to cover one, and just barely hahaha but anyway check it out!


Played guitar and backing vox! (I think the voices sound a bit off at some parts but I can't figure out what's wrong ugh)

I look like I've a belly here. Which reminds me, I gained weight LOL

Usual saturday with Jiams. I realize Pasir Ris Park is quite nice to run in!

when you ready for the cam but they say they're not ready

Ok good night

Sunday, January 18, 2015

We are made from chemicals


Day 2 of the new semester: Got tired of trying to live up to society's expectations

My face also got tired of trying to live up to society's expectations

Tumblr #1

Tumblr #2
Edit: I sent this to my Amplitube band as a joke and... guess who just helped us find our new band name LOL

Third day of school

Finally met up with Lynchua at NEX last Friday again after months and months... and we had Nando's! It was her first Nando's meal omg

The Aftermath

Her disgusted face damn fail HAHAHA





Did some song covers with Ahnia the same day! 

We da swaggypies

I know it's random but omg look it's Al Pacino's mugshot from 1961 can we just admire this

Met Melons yesterday to celebrate our oldest's upcoming burfday at Stateland Cafe. We're all turning 20 this year, holy crap. I still can't believe it. I've known most of my friends since sec1, and it still feels like just yesterday when we were all 13 and running around in a classroom :'(

The unsuspecting birthday girl

Sexy Jiams

The plan this year was to get a waffle for dessert and whip out the candle as a surprise (okay doesn't sound very awww but we're long over the honeymoon period as friends sooo)

But we all forgot about it and starting eating once the waffle arrived HAHAHA 

Nvm la birthday girl was still happy.

Then DT, ET and I went to watch DEON the band at Esplanade waterfront. They're DAMN GOOD. I love them

Abrupt end bye