Saturday, October 25, 2014

How do you own disorder

I was coincidentally wearing my ASD shirt on Wednesday otw to school when I read on Cory LaQuay's instagram that he and Brian White had decided to call it quits with the band :(

I guess I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I'm not a fan of the newer albums so I guess it's good that Cory and Brian are going to do their own stuff; maybe they'll come up with material I'll be interested in. Plus, Cory and Brian are my favourites in the band (I don't usually pick favourites cause I believe everyone in the band is important but Cory's drumming and Brian's screaming... too much for my rationality to bear)

But on the other hand, it's always sad to see one of your favourite bands part ways. ASD got me through some tough times and though I can't say for sure I didn't see this coming, it's still upsetting... like another piece of my childhood just dissipated.

Listening to 'The Cali Buds' now and it's so sad cause the song is about their friendship and the MV is just a typical band video of them on tours and performing but it's still evoking the feels :'(

Well, on to some merrier stuff (kinda)

The past week has been a kind week. Gig's over and all the midterms and major assignments are done so I can finally take a breather. Also met up with my band on thursday and the new drummer is great, but Esplanade's Silent Studio sucks haha or maybe I'm just not used to it

Other than that, nothing much has been happening. Friends are going clubbing tonight and I'm proud of myself for not going. Not really in the mood anyway haha I was sooo tired yesterday night I just gave up on homework and went to sleep.

I have 55 pages of SE readings and 42 pages of SC readings to do this week. No pictures some more, just pure text. Good luck to me!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The quiet things that no one ever knows

Ok gonna rush this post cause I'm meeting Jiams for supper/dessert later

So the gig was on Saturday! 

I had a lot of fun :) I always do, performing. It's a rush that beats any other kind. That moment when you're on a stage doing what you love with your fellow musicians, it really feels like home. I also feel super blessed to have met many talented musicians over the years since I've started playing music despite my own mediocrity. 

After the gig we had an enjoyable dinner together before we parted ways. I think there was a kinda mutual understanding that this was it, you know... after the gig there would be no more crazy 4-hour Tuesday night jamming sessions or late night pizza, and we would rarely have the opportunity to meet up as a unit again. Isaac gave us sweets and a handwritten note each (aww) and HK said, "We can always go for coffee," but really, with the busy conflicting schedules and all these new events and people constantly popping up in our lives, who actually has the time? 

I guess this is the part where my bad habit of over-analyzing and over-thinking everything comes in haha I know some people can move on easily but I can't- I like to always have the same bunch of friends sticking around and I get really sad when people come in and go out of my life, even if we're not close. 

When I was younger I used to think I was a bit of a misanthrope but now I realize I just get attached to people too easily, so when they don't reciprocate I try to tell myself I never really liked them in the first place.

First band in Amplified... hopefully not the last eh? Haha
Had a lot of fun working with these people, even if our genres didn't mix. 

Jiams and DT (I love you two), and SJ and the JC classmates (I think it's weird how we got closer after JC)

The day after the gig my mom took out the old photo album and showed me this pic of my dad (rightmost guy) playing bass at NUS in 1981, also in his freshman year LOL. #runsinthefamily

Check out dem bell-bottomed jeans tho. Wish I grew up in the 70s too, it looks like it would've been fun. Or maybe not, since the baby boomers had it the hardest when their generation came out to work.

Also regret sending my mom the videos of me performing. She went around showing them to everyone- my cousins, uncles and aunts, even the teachers in the staffroom (also my former colleagues)... #moms

No link to the post at all. I just find this really funny

Dun dun dun dun bass slide dun dun dun dun one bar of silence dun dun dun dun

The day we first met haha excuse my awkwardness

Ok bye

Edit (22/10 2.20pm): Just bumped into one of the bandmates on my way out of school. Both our reactions: "EH HI" -hesitation over whether to stop and exchange small talk or move on- -moves on- All happened within the span of two seconds



Low fuel light's been on for days

This song just makes me so upset about how it's my last year being a teenager and while on one hand I think all in all I spent my teenage years well, on the other hand I think about how I'll never get to cruise down an interstate highway in a beat-up pickup with Brand New or the Offspring on the stereo... (clearly I've been watching too many old-school movies)

And then I found this in the comments section:

"Not gonna lie. I actually am jealous of teenagers now that I have turned 20. Growing up is scary and I am always afraid of where I am going to end up in this world. Will I be a good man? Will I be a loving father? WIll I actually get a good job? Will I actually have a family? I honestly just want to stay young forever and have summer romances and sleepovers with friends on the weekends. You don't realize how scary the world is and how afraid you truly are about growing up till everything you are familiar with just ends and you move out and move on with life. It's some really deep shit and it keeps me up at night sometimes. To any young people reading this ENJOY BEING YOUNG. Those people you might hate at school, those bullies, wondering how you can fit in well fuck all that none of it really matters and you will find that out as you get older. Enjoy being young and embrace it because your life is about to change. When the time does come for you to grow old and if you find yourself afraid like me don't feel alone cause there are others out there like you, and like me. I know I can push on, we can push on, but it is still scary."

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ultra monday blues :( 

Had a great weekend and I don't want it to enddd

Will blog more next time

Good night and sincerely hope all of you have a wonderful week ahead. x

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Landed in a very common crisis

9.10pm: Listening to the Arctic Monkeys while doing Linguistics, cool night breeze coming in through the open window... life is good.

(Oops wanted to blog last night but was too tired) 

On my way to school now to hand in the damn SEA essay. Managed to crap 1500 words, minimum length is 1800 so 300 more to go. Gonna finish it up when I get there (just caught the guy next to me peeking at my phone... awkward) 

Also gonna meet some of the Amplified band to practice if time permits. Which brings me to my next point...


The event is called Ad Libitum, go Facebook it! It's from 3-7pm at NUS Yusof Ishak House (opposite University Health Centre, you can just ask any student for directions) and my band's playing at 5.30. We're called 3 GUYS 2 GIRLS (inside joke) and come on down if you like pop rock! 

I'm totally stoked!!! Every gig feels like the first plus this is kind of my biggest gig so far so ya HAHAHA YAYYY

...just hope I don't drop the bass...

(Pls laugh. It is common courtesy to laugh.) 

Also very hungry now :( It's 4.35pm and I've only had a sandwich and a cup of tea the whole day. 

Ok byee

Edit: took blardy forever to finish the essay. Only on my way home now, still haven't eaten anything else except a hot dog bun I fortunately had the good sense to buy before going to school. 

Can't wait to catch some zzz and wake up to an awesome day tomorrow ermahgerd I can just feel the awesomeness already

Well I need to do my German homework first but ermahgerd 

Also made friends with a drummer from Amplified who says he's starting a band and asked me to join, double ermahgerd 

It's one thing to meet people who like the same music and another to meet people who remember you because of your taste in music ("Were you the bassist at the tea session that said you listen to pop punk?") 

Ermahgerd yes I was

Ok I'll stop being annoying now

Edit #2: someone barfed in the train and it smelt like shit omg wtf did he eat I think I'm gonna move to another carriage

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Paper bags and plastic hearts


It's the end of yet another tiring week haha

Got back more grades which were less than satisfactory but oh wellz

Went for my Socio make-up tutorial on Tuesday, which was surprisingly very engaging + I made a new friend! I actually enjoyed the discussion part haha and I later realized that that was the tutorial group I balloted for in the first place but didn't manage to get :'( #life

First favourite part of the week was Tuesday night when we ended jamming early and I was zi-highing so I had time to leisurely walk back to CAP in a good mood, and UTown looked so pretty at night. I loved the ambience (HAHA sounds like I went on a solo romantic date but I can't think of a better word)

Then no more good mood on Wednesday because there was Econs midterm in the evening that I hadn't started studying at all for. Had to chiong-mug before the paper

And I wasn't nervous at all until Lianne and I got to MPSH and the crowd was like... omg. The sight of everyone milling around outside the hall waiting for the doors to open totally reminded me of O levels and A levels and it got my heart racing hahaha

Got home around 9pm to a small pot of fried rice my fam left for me, aww. Though it was leftovers from Sunday and cold by the time I got home, it was still delicious :)

Second favourite part of the week was Thursday! Only had german lecture from 8-9.30am. Hardest part was waking up. I was contemplating skipping it but still dragged myself out of bed anyway.

By 12pm that day I had had my breakfast, travelled to NUS, attended the lecture, travelled back and had my lunch.

Had drums as usual and I was relieved that my teacher didn't scold or chastise me when I told him before lesson that I didn't practice the whole week haha.

Also learnt a new drum beat (is that what you call it) and was practicing it when I stopped and he had this look of pride on his face and told me again that I was one of the fastest students he'd had so far... it made my entire week. (I give up on trying to figure out how to phrase this without sounding like I'm bragging but ya I was just really happy)

Anyway it's almost 2am! Can't believe the day just flew past like that. Didn't even manage to get much work done cause I was distracted by a Breakin' Benjamin song.

Also somehow managed to add more to my ever-heavy workload by agreeing to try for this thingy with my band, so we're gunna meet and start jamming again somewhere in Week 10.

Hopefully I can manage to cram in practice time.

But I'm really looking forward to meeting them again. Miss playing rock music.

I remember when we were setting up one time in May I think when our then-drummer commented that the bass was too soft so I stood next to the amp and turned it up a bit and he just kept saying, "Louder... louder some more... louder... a bit more..." until it was like each note reverberated soundly around the room, but it was awesome haha

Ok really need to sleep bye

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I need medicine to quiet and survive it

On an island out in the sea
I wouldn't care what they think of me
But in this crowded room I believe
That I'm seconds from insanity

Cause their eyes just rip me all apart
And my temperamental mind decides that I'm the enemy

Welcome to oblivion
Where panic starts to settle in
Welcome to oblivion
Oh oh, I think I'm losing it

Breakfast with Wums at Holland V the other day before going to DT's match at SIM. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the place or the prices haha. Anyway the food was decent but not memorable. 

Had dinner with Wums Friday night at a Bedok Reservoir road coffee shop after our run.Was looking forward to introducing her to my favourite pork rib noodle but the stall was closed :'( 

We walked back to Kem which was surprisingly not that far away, and we saw a lot of fruit bats at the canal, ermahgerd. I've seen bats but not that many at one time. It was pretty scary, at least to me.

 Yeah I know my story has no link to the selfie 

Lunch on Saturday with Wums and DT at Working Title! The coffee is as good as evaaaa. 

 It was my belated birthday lunch haha. ET came later and Yiying couldn't make it :( But it was good finally meeting up again, especially with DT since I see Wumsy quite a lot and I meet ET every tuesday. 


Had to run off early to meet my fam for dinner at i12 Katong. SUSHI TEI (insert biologically inaccurate representation of a heart here) 

I loooove Sushi Tei. 

All in all it was a great day :) though I had to stay up till 1.30am to work on the damn SEA essay. I sleep very early so 1.30am is really a huge feat for me. 

Managed to do it with the help of a lot of caffeine. I had 2 cups of earl grey tea, 1 cafe latte and 2 cups of jap green tea the whole day. Heh

Ok bye need to catch up on sleep (ya la I know I'm weak) 

So glad it's Hari Raya tomorrow

Thursday, October 2, 2014

All of my change I've spent on you

Happy burfday to me
Happy burfday to me
Happy burfday to me-ee
Happy burfday to me

Listening to the 1975 in the train and resisting the urge to break out into song and dance. 

Having a good burfday so far. Started off nicht so gut because of the 1.5h German test that really screwed with both my neck and my brain. Why anyone thinks it's a good idea to do tests in those uncomfortable little chair-cum-desk thingies I will never understand. 

Had Subway during my 10am break and a nice cup of coffee, then went for EL tutorial which ended 15min early YESSAH I like this tutor

On my way home now, having drums later and maybe meeting the BFF (who sent me the sweetest birthday text :') 

Thanks also for the wishes, Lianne Tania and Yiying!!!! (LOL yes I have very few friends) (Ooh SJ literally just wished me too, thanks bby!) 

Anw speaking of drums, these days I'm worrying about how I'm gonna come up with cash for it. I guess I could ask my parents for money but I would feel bad. Mom spent a lot on classical piano for me too but I turned out the tomboy and chose to play bass and drums instead... Oh well hahahah 船到桥头自然直

Anyway, Lianne was right, being 19 doesn't feel much different from being 18 hahaha except it feels closer to 20 oh noooo

I'm gonna miss being a teenager so much when I turn 21. Don't wanna grow up and have responsibilities. 

K bye

Wednesday, October 1, 2014



It's been a crazy past two days. The mid-term break feels like ages ago already. 

Had classes from 9am to 6pm on Monday. #shagged

There was a total of three hours for breaks from 9 to 6, but for the first hour Lianne and I were talking about econs and socio stuff over a quick Subway lunch, and the other two hours were spent discussing econs discussion questions from the textbook hahahaha #nerdsforlife

Tuesday was hectic!!

8am to 10am: German lecture
10am to 12pm: EL lecture (which I skipped to study for german mid-sems) 
12pm to 2pm: EL project group meeting
2pm to 4pm: SE tutorial
4pm to 6pm: $8 paid experiment with Lianne + dinner
6pm to 10pm: CCA

The experiment was kinda strange, we signed up as pairs and arrived in a computer room to do a survey. For one of the sections I had to gauge Lianne's responses to some mathematics questions that she had to answer haha. 

At the last section they asked things like "How similar do you think you are to your partner?" "How similar are your beliefs, values and attitudes?" "How long have you known your partner?" and "How much do you like your partner?" 

For the last one Lianne and I both answered 5 out of 5 HAHAH okay awkward

And we both wrote 6 years 9 months for duration of friendship wow

Anyway, also got back my SE mid-sem results yesterday and I still can't believe it but I got an A?! Of course I'm damn happy but what even I seriously thought I would fail. I haven't even started on my SE essay assignment yet that's due in two weeks because I thought I would fail so I decided to just heck all things SE-related. 

Thank God for lenient markers. -insert crying emoticon here-

CCA was supposed to end at 8pm but it dragged till 10pm haha. Maybe dragged's not quite the right word to use because I had lots of fun :) 

I think I'm starting to get emotionally attached to my bandmates and I don't want that to happen because after the gig we'll probably hardly see each other anymore :'( (this is part of the reason why I avoided going for camps; I can't stand having hi-bye friends) 

But on a brighter note, I'm starting to feel stoked for the giggg. 

Abrupt end... BYE

Saturday, September 27, 2014

This is one more late night basement song

I think I look damn step here but nvm I wanna have some selfies to look back on when I read my archives in the future

(And oooh finally you get to see something in my room other than my MCR poster)

Quick post before I hit the bunk. 

Been feeling pretty alert the whole day today and I think it's thanks to these supplement pill thingies my mom bought. It really does feel like they're helping me think better. Like drugs for nerds... 

Can't believe recess week is endinggg. 

The entire week really zoomed past- I don't even know what I did. But I guess I really do feel more well-rested now. It was fun doing the little things like getting enough sleep (waking up to sunlight is such bliss), going grocery shopping and spending time with my fam and some friends. 

Still had work to do but at least it wasn't anything unmanageable. Perks of being an Arts student. 

And over the course of the week I got to enjoy my peppermint tea, english breakfast tea, green tea, kopitiam teh si and of course my favourite, earl grey. Love love love tea. 

Highlight of the week was probably watching Mazerunner with Jiams. It was pretty decent by today's movie standards. Felt like there were some glitches in the plot but maybe those were covered in the book, idk I didn't read it. Anddd the movie looked more like a beauty pageant than anything else. Of course Thomas was a six-foot hunk and Teresa was a black-haired, blue-eyed babe. 

Favourite character was probably Chuck, he was so cute! (ok maybe not, just read a character analysis of him that made him sound a bit creepy) 

Ok time to sleep bye

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Teenage Icon

Oh look at me so ordinary, no mystery, with no great capabilities,
But I could make out as if I had it but you know,
God I'm so obvious and I should let it go, oh I don't know.

I'm no teenage icon,
I'm no Frankie Avalon,
I'm nobody's hero.

Reserved and shy, your average guy,
No piercing stare, just out of shape with messy hair,
But I always figured I was somebody in wait,
And now I'm guessing that my moment must be late cause I'm here, oh

I'm no teenage icon,
I'm no Frankie Avalon,
I'm nobody's hero.

I'm not magnetic or mythical,
I'm suburban and typical,
But I got it, I got it
I'm overrun with it all.

Seductive charm, a way with words, so effortless
Not leather clad or dangerous,
But I always did it like a real rebel would,
I had a photo where John Lennon may have stood, or so I'm told.

I'm no teenage icon,
I'm no Frankie Avalon,
I'm nobody's hero.

I'm no teenage icon,
I'm no Frankie Avalon,
I'm nobody's hero.


Kind of a narcissistic song but I luv it. #favourite song at the moment

Sooo it's been a busy weekend.

Went to support DT at her netball match at SIM HQ. It was SUTD vs SMU, and SMU was really good... :o (no points for guessing who won)

And DT was soooo cute playing!! Watching netball also made me feel inspired to join netball, even though I don't have the time. Oh well maybe next sem or next year. Hopefully I'm less busy then :( (doubt it)

I've always wanted to join a sports cca, especially netball or basketball, but my mom wouldn't let me. So I was pretty much stuck in clubs and performing arts groups my whole life. Also realised recently that Amplified is by far my favourite cca I've ever been in- the others being Brownies, English Drama and Guitar Ensemble.

I actually enjoyed Brownies and was a faithful member for four years in primary school, but became a chao ponner when I joined EDC and Guitar. Student Council was also really fun, but I guess that didn't end too well, did it hahahaha

Anyways, there was also some carnival-ish thingy going on to commemorate SIM's 50th anniversary, and a lady gave me and Jiams coupons to buy snacks, drinks and play games. We tried, but couldn't finish using them. Hahaha

We also got henna done! Made me realise how I would really like a hand tattoo, but I'll never have the balls to do it.

After that Jiams and I went to Starbucks to mug. Had dinner at the basement. Sumo Salaaaaaad

Got home and changed and went clubbing with the JC classmates.

My conclusions:
1. Clubbing sober is no fun at all
2. Being the only girl in your clubbing group is no fun at all
3. Indians are fun to party with
4. FClub sucks (sorry)
5. Zouk is still the best
6. But it's so hard to get on guestlist for Zouk
7. I should never do shots again

About #7, it's because I had four shots, but only because the first pair tasted diluted, so I got another pair and for the rest of the night I was... totally sober. Not even high at all :(

But the next day (sunday) after a heavy dinner, I puked twice. It wasn't just water or a bit of stuff, either, it was like my whole dinner. Hahaha. TMI?

So technically, I paid good money to upset my stomach.

Anyway, no more clubbing for me in the near, foreseeable future. I feel like inadequate sleep and alcohol really takes its toll on me. Spent yesterday (monday) feeling really lethargic- couldn't sit still for ten minutes without falling asleep- and my stomach still felt queasy.

Jio-ed Lianne out to study but I kept falling asleep and I had to leave very early because I thought I charged my laptop but didn't, and my charger was at home. Felt really bad about pangseh-ing her :( I'm so sorry!!

Felt guilty about clubbing also because my parents were so nice about it. My dad told me to cab home before I left the house and laughed it off when he found out I puked from the shots, and my mom made peppermint tea for me and texted me while she was at work to ask if I was feeling better.

Parenting tip for all of you who are prolly gonna become parents in the next 10 years or so: Leave your children to do whatever kind of shit they want to get up to, then be ultra nice to them and guilt-trip them!!

Random info: I also got elbowed in the face by some girl with flailing arms at the club. It still hurts.

Woke up this morning feeling much better. Even had kopitiam breakfast on my own. #first signs of ageing

Gonna do some work then go to school for cca prac in the evening.

K bye

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The banner you're waving is burning and red

And if we don't make it alive
Well it's a hell of a good day to die
All our light that shines strong only lasts for so long
And it's ashes to ashes again
Should we even try to pretend? 
All our light that shines strong only lasts for so long

Friday, September 19, 2014

We spend our summers writing songs


It's been a crazy six weeks and I'm so, so glad that midterm break is finally here. I definitely needed it. 

I'm not the kind of person who can sleep for a few hours, survive and still go to school the next day and a ton of after-school social events. (Tania you crazy gurl) 

I need at least six hours of sleep every day or not even caffeine will save me, so ya. Life is hard. 

Starting to get used to the routine of struggling to wake up for school (I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to go for 8am classes), trying to stay awake in classes, growing an extra layer of skin and squeezing myself onto the ever-crowded NUS buses. 

And the downside of cca is having to lug my bass all the way to NUS and back home. Thinking of buying another one so I can leave my Stagg there, but nah, probably not. It would be a dream come true to own a Fender precision but it's so darn expensive and like Lianne said, "Think of all the things you could buy with that money!!" 


For the fam last Sunday. #readyformarriage

Cui ahahaha

That was when I was coming home on Wednesday. Crashed Et's room at CAP cause cca ended at 9pm and I had tutorial at 8am the next day, and I'm gonna do so for the next four tuesdays. Sighpie

Totally whacked my SEA midterm. I was still elaborating on my first point when the lecturer said, "You have ten minutes left." And I was like... shit.  

But I think I've taken too many tests / exams in my life to get all beat up over it. Feeling kind of indifferent to it, actually. Don't know if that's good or bad :( 

I'm beyond thankful for the grade-less first semester. 

Morning selfies on the bus

Me and Lianne went to hand in our Sociology short assignments and agreed that we should commemorate the occasion with a picture HAHA.

Seriously, who else would do something like this? We're super lame hahaha

Simpang with Wumsy last night. Walked back up to AHS, but sadly it was dark and the school was closed. Really miss the place- it holds some of the best memories I have. 

On a side note, both Lianne and I are starting to make a couple of friends in NUS. Now I have people to wave to in uni, hahahahha

Auf Wiedersehen!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Early sunsets over Monroeville

Some idiot revived the 20 facts on Instagram again hahaha.

I got tagged, so I did it, again.

But anyway, here's my real 20 facts- stuff I don't really feel all that comfortable writing on Instagram, and even though (I think) my blog gets a lot more views than my Instagram account, it somehow doesn't feel like it, probably because no one needs to comment or push the like button.

1. I dislike wearing glasses.
2. Very, very few people get my weird sense of humour.
3. I love indie and hippie movies.
4. I think movies these days really suck. The last good one was Inception- after that, everything just went downhill.
5. I am in love with music, and I spend days on end wondering why nobody else likes the same music I do, because it's the best thing I've ever known.
6. I like being alone, but if I am left alone too long, I start to over-think and become very depressed. (I almost cried once on a train because of that.)
7. I just want to lead a simple, happy life. I want no part of the rat race.
8. I love my parents very much.
9. I have an older brother that I can't get along with. It's like living with a stranger under one roof.
10. I get very envious of smart or talented people.
11. I am very easily attracted to musicians.
12. I love Tumblr because everyone has the same sense of humour as me.
13. I want to travel.
14. I'm pretty much an open book.
15. Most of my close friends are from my sec1 class.
16. My Chinese name is Zhuo Yi, and somehow people find it very amusing.
17. I have a great memory when it comes to the most useless things.
18. I'm good at English but my Chinese is pretty bad, especially considering the fact that I attended all-chinese schools from ages 7 to 16.
19. I don't like to conform.
20. It's been one and a half years since My Chemical Romance broke up, but I still miss them.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

And stay awake through summer like we own the heat

Sticky and gross and in need of a shower yarks

Screwed cause I found out yesterday that I have an exam next week, plus I have a tutorial due tomorrow that I have not started on and know nuts about... and yep, unsurprisingly, it's Linguistics

My life is spilling over like my pencil case



Selfie with my beloved Signo Uniball 0.5

Ps. Super glad the week is almost over, it was sooo tiring though I know this won't be the last. This morning I woke up for school and my hair was still wet... that's how much sleep I got. Sighpie

Monday, September 8, 2014

Siala I just checked my stats for the first time in a while and realised I had more than 1000 views in the past month.

Either I'm getting popular, or my circle of friends are secretly really creepy...

Thanks for the support guys. Come to think of it, blogs, or rather, macro-blogs, are really becoming a thing of the past. Nowadays you have all these cute little microblogging websites... who needs Blogger anymore man?

Even Tumblr has kind of faded a little in the mainstream media. But don't worry Tumblr, I still love you. You complete my rainy days.

More than six years and counting of blogging. Wow.

Yeah, that's all I have to say haha. What's that, you say? Random? Yeah, I know.

Ok bye

It's not what it seems but it is

Very hungry now :(

Just skipped my first ever lecture. YAY! HAHA. I don't think I've ever even skipped a lecture in JC. #feeling badass #just ignore me

Just now during econs tutorial, we shared our answers on the whiteboard and I wrote 'constant scale of returns' when it's actually 'constant returns to scale.' Didn't even realise until the lecturer came to my answer and pointed it out. Lianne and I tried our best to stifle our laughter. (Ok it doesn't sound funny but it was) 

Went clubbing with JC classmates on Sat night. It was super last minute, we were supposed to go chill at Timbre or Red Dot, but in the end. 

Had dinner at Song Fa (yumz but I feel like we weren't served enough soup) and then went to Red Dot for beer. 

I couldn't decide whether or not to go cause SJ wasn't sure if she should ask her mom (as the guys put it, "You jump I jump.") (In the end she couldn't make it but I went anyways haha oops) 

Four of us cabbed to Bryan's house to get stuff and buy drinks, the rest went to Butter Fac, then two discovered they didn't bring their ICs and had to go home to get it. Assembled back there to realise a bouncer had taken beef with one of us, and refused to let us in. Ass. 

Sat by the SG river moping about our ill luck for the evening, finishing the drinks and contemplating whether or not to go to another club. 

At one point I was feeling a little buzzed (just a little) and said, "I'm fking gone." I was shocked myself and I guess so was everyone else cause they all laughed and WQ said "You know zoey's gone when she says 'I'm fking gone.'" 

Still can't get over it man. Feel so guilty for swearing haha

Finally after some more moping around I said "Guys let's just go" (wah first time) and everyone unanimously agreed and we all stood up hahahaha

And I remember saying in the cab otw there, "I've never sweared in front of you all." which incited more laughter because... sweared. LOL 

Reached home around 5am. 

Having a super long day tomorrow, grand total of 12 hours in school (8am to 8pm) excluding travelling time. 

Lecture at 8am, work to do in between (skipping another lecture), tutorial at 2pm, cca at 6-8pm, have to do chores when I get home cause my mom's overseas, and wake up in time for my 8am tutorial on wednesday. 

Wish me luck. 

Meeting my new bandmates tomorrow, hope they're nice enough. Haha. 


Friday, September 5, 2014


Education in Singapore:


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Plane vs Tank vs Submarine

Short post 

Tried getting my fix from the neighbourhood coffee shop. (Have I posted this picture before? I feel like I have) It tasted too strongly of milk and too little of coffee.

Totally LOL-ed when I saw this in the lecture slides. On a side note, I think I'll most likely S/U Linguistics. Seriously catch no balls. 

Took this for Carmentta because she loves Avril Lavigne. 

Dinner at Kem's Rice & Fries with Jiams on some weekday last week. Appetizer portions were tiny, but main course made up for it. I couldn't finish my veggies. Now that's a first! 

Went to a place nearby to lepak after that. Can't remember the name haha but the tea was real good!

My best friend is prettier than yours

Saw some people having this and asked the waitress what it was but apparently it was complimentary juice with a main course :( but later she came over to give us this haha aw plus points kachingz

The green is cucumber juice and the red is watermelon. Jiams couldn't stand the cucumber hahaha 

Found this on Facebook. Throwback to when all of us got thrown out for not doing our chem homework. 

Goodbye, back to doing my readings :'( 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Brand New


Feeling so stressed now :( Over all sorts of random things.

Tomorrow is September... damn, time flies.

Lum posted a really cute collage of us on Instagram last night, with a really sweet caption,

"Earlier on SJ said "I miss you lumpy" and that was when I realized how queer it was going to classes without them now. Come to think of it, we were rly a clingy bunch - so much so our classmate said once "If you tell one of them (something), all 3 will know. #meangirls5eva #missugirlstoo"

:((( Pack your bags kids, we're going on a feels trip...

Haha jk but really, I miss JC. Not so much the studying part, of course, but having a homeroom and the most diverse but amazing (albeit gossipy, especially the boys ironically) bunch of classmates.

I miss that feeling of stepping into a classroom and knowing every face and name and getting used to their presences after a while. Even if you're not close to everyone, you're still comfortable enough to talk nonsense and joke around in front of them.

Your teachers are kind, caring and extremely patient, some of them join you sometimes in talking rubbish, and there is this friendly atmosphere in the classroom all year round because it's always the same 24 (give or take a few) of you.

I miss yelling, "Race you there!", playing guitar in empty classrooms, 'ear-dropping' (inside joke) on classmates' conversations, literally running down to the canteen every Tuesday right after math lecture...

I will never get over the one time we ran along the corridor past this guy also heading to the canteen, and he saw us running and broke into a run too. Never. I'm cracking up as I type this.

In uni it's really a whole new world. Suddenly information is no longer spoonfed to you, you have to constantly go online and check for announcements because lecture slides can be released on the same day of the lecture itself, lecturers are distant because there's just so many of you and you almost never see the same person in more than one class. Everyone is just moving around, rushing to places in a huge, intimidating environment that is your campus.

People are self-assured, cool and confident, shaking hands and making friends like it's second nature to them, while you fumble because all people did in JC was awkwardly say their names and mumble a 'hi'.


Oh wellz, dinnertime.

(edit: done with dinner.

I just want to go outside and find somewhere cold and lie down with a hot drink and listen to Tigers Jaw... is that too much to ask for?)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I saw water

Listening to Tigers Jaw after a whole week of being deprived of the time to sit down and listen to some magic.

Well, not like I really have the time now actually. But too tired to care

Been feeling floaty the whole day because I came home past midnight last night. Yes, that is late for me.

Can't believe I travelled all the way to NUS for the Amplified meeting haha.

But it was pretty worth it! Almost everybody in the room liked the Chili Peppers. -insert crying emoticon here-

We had to go one round saying our names, what instrument we played and what genres we liked. Sadly, most or all of the singers were mainstream lovers, the guitarists and drummers were metalheads and the other bassists were jazz people. No rockers or punkers :(

(shit, Tigers Jaw is so damn good I want to cry)

People mostly just remembered me as the only girl bassist / only rock-lover haha. 苦笑 (LOL love how this directly translates to 'bitter laughing')

Managed to make a few acquaintances. I'm so terrible at socialising one guy even asked me if I was socially awkward. Ha ha

Someone brought their guitar and we went outside for a little acoustic jam. It was so fun :) I was the worst singer in our group of about five cause the rest were vocalists, but it was all good, I loved listening to them. Never heard such wonderful voices in my life! Heard that the vocalist turnout was pretty big so I guess those who got through are really the cream of the crop, wow.

A German guy walked past and stopped to say hi and listen a bit. I said, "Wie geht's?" and he replied me but I didn't understand his reply. Hahahahha

Abrupt end


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And tonight will go on forever while we walk around this town like we own the streets

Sitting alone in UTown's Aud1 sippin my tea waiting for lecture to start. 

I wore a tshirt, shorts and slippers today because I expected a downpour this morning like yesterday's and my converse were still drying. 

They were totally soaked while I was trudging 'upstream' yesterday morning to the SH Building. 

I think I look like a Year 3 or a hostel student. #embracing the cui look

Hope today's lecture is interesting. Honestly, though I'm super tired and starting to feel stressed out, I really enjoy what I'm learning and I feel like 3 weeks of an arts education has kind of impacted me more than 4 years of being a science student ever really did. 

K lecture starting soon bye

Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm stuck in these metro malls and airport halls and all these schoolgirls

Hi hi

So much work to do, I'm drowning in it.

Ok actually I think my workload isn't half as bad as it could be, but it's scary cause there's a fresh pile of things to do every week and it feels like I'll miss my footing and slip if I don't buck up soon

Speaking of footing, I tripped again at school today, this time in front of a relatively substantial crowd ahahaha I remember I said something in the morning to Lianne and then I said oh crap, karma's gonna get me again, and it really happened. Hahaha plus I was holding a coffee and was gonna take a sip of it when my foot caught on a sly little slab of curb. It's a miracle I didn't spill a drop

Anyways, I GOT INTO CAC AMPLIFIED!! OMGWTFBBQZXC (haven't used this in years literally)

I suspect it might be because bass player turnout was low this year, but oh well who cares, I'm in and I'm so happy!!! It actually feels as good as the day I found out I got into NUS -insert appropriate emoticon here-

However the welcome tea is at 8pm........ this Friday........ Which just so happens to be my free day........

Me: Should I go?
Doddy: Go la make friends. You might find a hot guy who plays guitar.
Me: OR a bassist.
Doddy: Ya but just don't go for the drummers. They beat the things they love.

Listening to a random My Chemical Romance podcast I found in my iTunes now, mainly cause I just find their voices comforting. Funny how I used to hate Gerard's voice, until the band became my only solace during my difficult adolescent I-want-to-set-fire-to-everything days. #nostalgia

Today was a really long day (started classes at 9am and ended at 6pm) so I'm gonna turn in now (classes commence at 8am and finish at 4pm tomorrow, wish me luck).

Good night everyone. Sincerely hope all of you have a wonderful week ahead.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Why'd you leave the keys up on the table

Really craving for some hearty tomato sauce spaghetti with bell peppers and tomatoes. Feel like cooking it but there's homework to do. Meh

Met up with SJ on wednesday for our usual dinner. Hadn't seen her in 3 weeks! And it was funny cause we didn't even discuss where to go for dinner and just met each other at our usual Umi Sushi. 

Short and simple dinner ketching up but it was just what i needed :) 

Oh ya and let me digress a bit but on Tuesday the guy in front of me in lecture wore his shirt inside out and I tried so hard to contain myself. 

And then after that while I was walking down a slippery slope I almost tripped and landed on my bum on the hard floor, but I somehow managed to regain my balance with one foot on the ground. At first I was mortified and didn't even dare to turn around to see if anybody had witnessed my balancing act. 

But very soon I was shaking with silent laughter hahahahaha it was damn funny I hope no one saw me smiling to myself

Seriously though, karma. 

Yesterday Lianne accompanied me to school for my 8am lecture again, then I crashed her GL lecture again.

Had lunch at The Deck, then bought coffee at Humble Origins and lepak-ed. I think buying coffee and lepak-ing is really my favourite thing to do. 

Noticed that my cup was made of a white papery material so I got my pens out and we decided to get artsy... drawing each other HAHAHA is that what you think my nose looks like, Lianne? 

Met Carmen for dinner at the airport. We agreed that everytime we meet we talk about all kinds of depressing stuff hahahaha but really I am gonna miss her so much when she flies off in less than a week. 

We were close in secondary school but didn't talk that much after she went to IP and we spent most of JC busy with our own lives, so I guess we have tons to talk about. And I am definitely glad we met up again. 

Sometimes the world doesn't seem that big, probably because of media and technologies and the rate at which information can get transmitted these days, but when you think about it, it really is big. Sighpie

Anyways, tutorials commence next week! No more wearing shorts to school, at least for the time being. Hope the workload is still manageable too. And hope I manage to make nice friends :'( 

And this is just a random foto of our lunch on Monday at Science Fac's Platypus. 

Looks good don't it?! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Professional Griefers

Today was a good dayyyyy

So I'm listening to one of the most upbeat songs. I usually don't listen to songs like this at all, but this is so wonderful. And it's Gerard Way, one of my biggest inspirations. /hearts

Learnt a lot of cool new words in German lecture, and almost fell asleep in ELL lecture but was fortunately inspired to stay awake by the interesting dude seated next to me who was over-enthusiastic about all the wonderful new things he was learning.

Also received news that tomorrow's SE Asian lecture is cancelled!! Well, it might simply have been postponed actually, since IVLE's announcement dubiously read "No lecture on 20 Aug," but hallelujah no need to spend three hours of travelling on a 1.5h lecture tomorrow! 

And finally, I plucked up the courage to tell my dad that I'm considering pursuing a Sociology degree instead of an Econs degree. I thought he would scoff at me, so I was all ready to receive a scolding, but he actually encouraged me to go for it if it's what I really want. I was so stunned and touched I almost cried. Hahaha. Yes, I have very sensitive tear glands. 

Anddd that's it for today :) 

Only downer was that I didn't get the Socio tutorial slot I wanted, but then on the bright side I got all the other slots I picked. So yay

Monday, August 18, 2014

Chop Suey

My latest song addiction. I know it's old but it's so damn good!

I'm in lesbians with this song. (movie reference you got three seconds to guess it- oh nope time's up) 

Today was a pretty eventful day

Started off Monday with the 9am three-hour Econs lecture haha it didn't feel as long as last week's, thankfully!

Had lunch at Platypus Food Bar @ the Faculty of Science during the four-hour break with Lianne :) Portions were extremely generous! We got the medium bowls and they were literally filled with food. Really worth it for $7.50, but it tasted just decent, not really anything fantastic. My hazelnut latte and Lianne's iced lemon tea were also... meh.

Would definitely go there if I were super hungry, though.

Then we went to the Engineering block to do our Socio readings. Today's travelling was extremely hectic, idk why. We nearly couldn't get on the bus to school and all the buses we took were packed to the brim.

It was also mega tiring walking from any one place to another because there's all these staircases up and down everywhere. I can't imagine doing this for the next few years haha.

After Socio lecture, Lianne accompanied me to my audition for cac Amplified. I tried so hard to not be nervous but how can you not be nervous facing your biggest fear? Which in my case, is having to play an instrument in a roomful of extremely intimidating semi-professional musicians.

Also my fault for being geh kiang despite knowing I'm a jack of all trades and master of none, and opting in the online form to audition for both bass and vox. Sang Finding Home by Saosin (everyone in the room went, "Who?" when I told them the song title and artiste) and my throat was so dry and I knew I was pitchy, plus I have insecurities with my tone. I am so sad.

Really don't think I stand a chance, but oh well. Still glad I went for it, cause I know I definitely would've regretted not going. Also managed to make a couple of new friends, yay me!

I actually don't know when I started being so socially awkward. I remember being a really noisy kid; my parents used to call me jiao gei which means 'talkative'. But nowadays it really takes time for me to start talking more in front of new people, though I guess maybe that's normal for most people? Haha

Journey-ed back to the East with Lianne (as usual, we were laughing like a pair of bananas about the most random things on the train hahaha) and bought my own dinner.

I have to wake up at 5.30am tomorrow for lectures. Wish me luck :')

Good night!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Don't mess with the French.

"French Catholic missionaries had been proselytizing in parts of Vietnam with some success for two hundred years. But by the 1830s, a reaction had developed against them and a number were arrested and executed. In 1843, the French demanded that five condemned missionaries be released and sought to obtain the guarantee of rights of French nationals in Vietnam, much as European countries were doing in China at the time. Misjudging the strength of the French (as the Burmese had the British in India), the Vietnamese continued to harrass the resident French. After their demands were rejected, the French invaded Cochin China (present-day southern Vietnam) and took over by 1867. At the same time, they also turned their attention to Cambodia and forced the Thai, who then held it, to cede control to France. The French next addressed northern Vietnam and took Hanoi in 1882. The last piece of the French Empire in Southeast Asia was the territory of Laos, gained in the form of a protectorate in 1893, partly by getting Siam to cede control in the north. Together the three countries became the Colony of French Indochina."

Purple stain

This took forever cause I had to mail the pictures from my phone to my inbox, then rotate them and finally upload. Pls appreciate efforts. Haha

Just random stuff from around late June till now. 

One of my favourite pasttimes is playing with cats at void decks

My makeshift practice area

Baybeats 2014

(This cup of coffee really sucked)

Behind the scenes


The real thang

Visited ET at her hostel at NUS CAP last Thursday with Jiams

Y so prettz

Then there's me

Found this when I was looking for a file to use for uni. 
Dem waves of nostalgia. 
I still recall Ms Padma complaining that we wasted more than half the lesson on folding this, and Lum's copy turning out horrible and her saying it looked like it was made by a boy. 


Pre-clubbing last night. Jiams took forever to get ready!!

Post-clubbing hahaha. We went to Mansion, cause it was free entry. 
I think my first time was much more fun. There was a better crowd, I was a lot less sober and we had our guy classmates with us, so I didn't attract any unwanted attention. 
This time was a little less safe. Maybe if I was slightly drunk it would've been ok but I was completely sober and very aware and wary of all the intoxicated males around us. 

Slept over at Jiams' house and we had prata for brunch

It was a good weekend!

Time to start preparing for next week's lectures. Lianne was right; we should've spread out our Exposure modules over a few semesters. There's tons of reading to be done :(